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Hygge in The Early Years Accreditation

This is my final written project for accreditation through Hygge in the Early Years. My program was accredited in January of 2020 after a year of work ❤️

It has always been a goal of mine to create a learning community that was welcoming, warm and cozy and I was heavily inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach in creating my setting. When I heard the term Hygge it spoke to me; it made me consider all the little ways I could make my environment as a whole more conducive to fostering a sense of wonder and well being for my little ones.

I had already begun to consider light levels in my classroom design but I began to make more changes as I worked through the steps of accreditation; I included things like soft fabrics and furs, blankets to snuggle, and little bits and pieces of nature and loose parts for the children to explore.

While working on my accreditation I spent more time observing the children and how they interact we the environment and the materials provided to them, then made chan…
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I Belong Winter Symposium

I had a really wonderful time exploring belonging at the I Belong Winter Symposium today. It was a great opportunity to network with colleagues and really delve more deeply into what belonging means in early learning and care.

2018 Art Auction

This year my home child care program and Faery Childcare collaborated to run an art auction with the little ones in our classes. The children worked so hard on their paintings and were so proud of their creations.

Together we raised $119 for KW Counselling! Even very small people can make a big difference in this world.

Collaboration is a Recipe for Success

Sometimes collaboration with colleagues looks like planning an adventure together or bouncing ideas off of one another about program plans, child development, etc.

Other times it simply looks like friends gathering together to laugh and make delicious food 😊

Though the central focus of the visit was following a recipe to create a product our time working together offered opportunities to discuss different topics, share knowledge and learn new skills. D, for example, mastered using the garlic press!

Thank you Lesley and Keith for sharing your secret recipe for vegetarian ground round with us. I know the children at Red River Early Learning Centre will love tasting this new ingredient in some of our familiar recipes.

Home Child Care High/Scope Conference

Today I had an amazing opportunity to attend the Home Child Care High/Scope Conference hosted by the Region of Waterloo Home Child Care. I was thrilled to meet some educators I had previously only interacted with online.

Beginning with the Perry Preschool Study, [High/Scope] revolutionized early childhood education with a new approach to teaching and learning. Research-based and child-focused, the HighScope Curriculum uses active participatory learning and the plan-do-review process to achieve powerful, positive outcomes. (High/Scope
Lesley and I attended the workshop Building Authentic Relationships with Children 💕 in the morning.

There was a lot of really amazing content that discussed the importance of authentic relationships in early learning and care. It was really interesting to learn some new approaches to deepen conversations with children.

This video that the presenter shared moved me so much.

After lunch we attended two workshops. The first workshop of the afternoon focuse…

The Importance of Nature Play in Early Learning

Being a published writer has always been a goal of mine and recently my partner Ryan and I had the opportunity to write about something we are equally passionate about; the importance of nature play in early learning.
Working with Ryan to write this article was a great opportunity to collaborate with a professional outside of my own field as his background is in electronics. He has a brilliant mind and a unique perspective which has brought some wonderful and fresh ideas to not only this article but to our program when he joins us to play at Red River Early Learning Centre.

Please check out our article in the Holistic Parent Magazine at the link below: