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Fairy Dust Teaching Webinar: Atelier Set Up

Fairy Dust Teaching offered this webinar as a bonus because I signed up for their Winter Conference. I was very excited when I received the email as the children in my class are very drawn to art and are incredibly creative. Supplying materials to encourage the development of creative representation that are also safe to make accessible to the younger infant students can be a challenge; I'm excited to tackle creating a better atelier space in my classroom.

Notes: After participating in this webinar I have spent some time reflecting on the idea that I must be intentional in how I set up the classroom and present both art materials and other materials. I must be aware of what the classroom is calling the children to do; what feelings of competency is my set up supporting? "Children thrive in indoor and outdoor spaces that invite them to investigate, imagine, think, create, solve problems, and make meaning from their experiences – especially when the spaces contain interesting a…

Self Assessment Tool - Part 2 - Reviewing the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice

Standard I: Caring and Responsive Relationships  (x) I have read Standard I: A – C on pages 8-9 of the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. Identify your strengths and any areas for growth, leadership development or professional learning interests from Standard I. Reference the specific standards (e.g. Standard I: C.4).

Building positive relationships with children, families, and other professionals in the field of Early Childhood Education is a fundamental part of my core professional values. I believe these relationships of mutual trust and cooperation are absolutely necessary if a Registered Early Childhood Educator wishes to demonstrate high quality practice.

I feel that as an educator I excel at connecting with children, developing caring and nurturing relationships which support their growth across the spectrum of development. I would love to continue to hone these skills as these relationships are essential for young children. (B. 2)

I want to ensure that I am responsive,…

Self-Assessment Tool - Part 1 - Reflection Questions

1. Reflect on your practice and think broadly about what impacts your work Brainstorm and make a list of things that impact your work.Child Care and Early Years Act Regulations relating to independent home child care.Developing supportive and collaborative relationships with families.Creating a classroom environment that acts as a "third teacher" (Reggio Educational Philosophy).Implementing programming for a multi-age class. Developing creative invitations to learn.Networking with colleagues as an independent child care provider. 2. Think about the role of others in your professional practice. How do you seek, offer and consider feedback from others? What have you learned from others? What do others learn from you? Working as an independent home child care provider I don't have the opportunity to interact in person with colleagues every day. My networking has to be very intentional as I set aside time in my day to speak to other professionals through messenger or in chi…

Professional Development Training (Before CPL)

Even before the CPL Professional Learning Portfolio was implemented by the College of Early Childhood Educators I attended a number of professional development training sessions to ensure that my educational strategies remained current in the classroom.

Acorn Collaborative: Video Documentation04/28/2007
Personal and Professional Leadership06/27/2007
Providers Helping Providers Conference: Managing Misbehaviour/Little Hands Talking11/03/2007
I Am Clay Workshop11/07/2007
Toddler Art Studio01/09/2008
Second Step: A Violence Prevention Curriculum02/09/2008
Leadership Develops Daily, Not in a Day06/19/2008
Rock and Roll Recharge: Stress Mess/Kinderscience02/21/2009
Supporting the Halton Community03/30/2009
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Brain Workshop02/24/2011
Sexualized Behaviour in Children09/13/2011
ASQ-3 and Social Development Handbook Training2011
Emergent Curriculum Series10/01/2011
Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale Training07/19/2011
Identifying and Extending Children's Learning09/18/…